Fishbones starts in the year 1999 in the fictional, east coast city of Southport. The story is about growing up, friendship, and sometimes the mob. There is no age restriction to read this comic but, since it deals primarily with criminals, it contains a lot of swearing and violence. Fishbones was originally a completed novel which can be found here (if you don’t mind spoilers).

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Writer: Jisuk Cho – writer, artist, and human disaster. From NYC. Loves coffee and Johnny Cash. Currently working on the Fishbones and Karasu novels.

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                 ArtistIsko Kabristante – lives in Massachusetts, goes to college in New Jersey. Loves baseball, hot chocolate, sleeping, and weird mysteries.

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You can reach both Jisuk and Yuki at Please use this email for any questions, comments, or fan art you may have!



Why did the art change at page 132? The original artist for Fishbones was Yuki O., who was amazing and dedicated but ultimately did not have enough time to continue working on the comic. From Page 132 on, the artwork was picked up by the talented Isko K.

How often does this comic update? Once a week, on Thursday evening.

Can I use any of the art in this comic for an icon, banner, etc? Sure, we’d be flattered! A link back would be awesome, too.

Can I draw fan art or do cosplay? Of course, and we’d love to see it! If you do any, please email it to us.

Wasn’t this a book before? Is this comic going to be the exact same story? Yes, it is also a book. Some of the writing will be improved and the chapters might get switched around, but this is basically the exact same story. If you are interested, you can find the book here (Warning! Reading the book might spoil the comic for you).

How long have you been working on these characters? Demos was created in 2002 and Ferris in 2005. They had histories but were never really in a firmly set story-line until 2007, when I began writing their story for NaNoWriMo.

How did you find the artist, Yuki? Why don’t you just draw it yourself? We have been great friends since 2002! As you may have noticed, Yuki has amazing talent and is doing this story the justice that I never could have.

Where’d you get that fancy logo? The Fishbones logo was designed by the talented J. Threadgill.

Your writing is terrible and I have a list of reasons why. Please contact me through email: I am always looking to improve my writing and learn new things. I appreciate both critique and praise, I promise!

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