ferris Ferris ‘Fishbones’ Levinstein
Born: June 2, 1984 in Southport, NY
First appearance: Page 01

An unwilling protagonist, Ferris would be perfectly content to lead a quiet life. Unfortunately, he spends most of his time witnessing unforgivable atrocities, being victim to similar atrocities, and struggling to keep his idiotic friends out of trouble. Incidentally, his familiarity with blood stains and corpses have given him a plethora of glorious nightmares. He never asked to be part of all of this criminal nonsense, but it seems that his best friend and this awful lifestyle go hand-in-hand.
demos2 Demos ‘The Ghost’ Giorgetti
Born: Oct 14, 1984 in Verona, Italy
First appearance: Page 05

Demos is Ferris’ vain, troublesome best friend. He enjoys cooking, fashion, and being spoiled rotten by his grandfather. He compensates for his often irritating behavior with moments of genuine compassion and sincerity. Demos is lazy when it comes to civilian responsibilities, but quite competitive in his family’s line of work. Being only half Italian, he must work twice as hard to earn the respect of his superiors. He makes up for his physical weaknesses with sharp marksmanship and quick thinking. Demos carries an especially sensitive pride and is quick to retaliate to the slightest insult with violence.
Seamus Aston
Born: Dec 7, 1983 in London, England
First appearance: N/AComing soon… 
Emily Giorgetti

Born: March 16, 1986 in Southport, NY
First appearance: N/A

Coming soon…



Victor ‘Ashes’ Giorgetti

Born: Nov 5, 1957 in Southport, NY
First appearance: Page 04

Victor is Demos’ uncle and legal guardian, holding the rank of Captain (or Capodecina) in the family’s hierarchy. The youngest of his siblings, he was the first Giorgetti born and raised in the U.S. His greatest love is his Lincoln Town Car, followed by his daughter, Emily. He is known for setting buildings, vehicles, and even people ablaze when they find themselves on his bad side. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to get on his bad side.


Gino ‘Azzurro’ Giorgetti
Born: Jan 18, 1929 in Verona, Italy
First appearance: Page 18

Gino is the founder and backbone of the Giorgetti criminal empire in the U.S. Though his family had a long history of affiliation with organized crime, he was the first to extend their reach to America. Gino is a reasonable and generous man — traits which have earned him many powerful friends. While it was his charisma that helped bring the family to such a high place, it is his calculating ruthlessness that keeps it there. He will let nothing stand in the way of his family’s prosperity — not the law, not the media, and certainly not human lives.


Harold Levinstein
Born: March 14, 1951 in Southport, NY
First appearance: Page 18

Harold is Ferris’ father — an accountant by day and a bookkeeper for the mob by night. For decades, he has been a close friend of Gino’s, earning a trust that few others can claim. Despite being affiliated with a criminal family and spending many late nights in mysterious, unsavory places, Harold is notably friendly and good-humored. He loves sweets, though his wife rarely allows him to have any. A dedicated parent, he will go to any lengths for his son, whether it be a word of advice or a callous death-threat to anyone who tests his safety.


Ruth Levinstein
Born: Aug 17, 1955 in Far Rockaway (Queens), NY

First appearance: Page 16

To Ruth, few things take precedence over family. She is keen on standing her ground, rarely finding an opponent tough enough to counter her decisions. Both her husband and son often find themselves at the mercy of her whims, whether it be a compulsory social outing or a weekend of household chores. She is an avid baker and loves feeding others (especially guests), and woe is the soul that attempts to turn her down.


Julie Ward
Born: Nov 8, 1985 in The Bronx, NY
First appearance:Page 68

Julie is the middle child of three girls, all raised by a single mother. Rather than following her parent’s example of struggle and hard work, Julie would much rather cut class, smoke, and other shady, unproductive things. She isn’t what one would call ‘timid,’ and is rather quick to speak her mind (however impolite her thoughts may be). Whether she is a product of her environment or simply a bad seed is yet to be seen.

 sergio Sergio Giorgetti
Born: July 12, 1978 in Southport, NY
First appearance:Page 52

In contrast to Victor, his short-tempered father, Sergio is quiet by nature. He is an honest, hard-working man, yet these traits do little to deter him from criminal activity. Sergio works as a bartender in the restaurant as well as extra muscle for the Giorgetti family and is often seen accompanying his father. When he isn’t pulverizing innocent people, Sergio can be genuinely kind and accommodating. No, really.
  Brian O’Brien
Born: June 29, 1977 in Cork, Ireland
First appearance: Page 105